User Guide

Everything you need to know about using the AggrTO sites (Blue Jays Aggregator, Maple Leafs Aggregator, Raptors Aggregator, and Toronto FC Aggregator) in less than 5 minutes

The Main List (AKA Our List)

The main list on the front page, AKA Our List, is designed to provide a good sense of what's currently going on with the team just by scrolling down a single page.

We really want the front page to be a good mix of local coverage (Toronto newspapers, Sportsnet/TSN, other beat-writers), columns, blog posts, rumours, reactions, and updates. In order to show you a good mix from a variety of sources (Sportsnet, Toronto Star, ESPN etc.), and types of sources (newspapers, blogs, national media, podcasts etc.), while providing a one-page snapshot, we limit/filter certain content on the main list only.

For more information see our Help article Main List & Curation.

Our Links / Content

Clicking any item title (ie. the title of an article or clip) on any AggrTO page takes you directly to the original article/blog post/clip etc. No pageview traps. No "Continue to this article" nonsense.

Click categories, source names, or authors to see more from each.


On the right-hand side of each item, you will see a with a number. This number represents the total number of verifiable clicks, shares and likes for an item, or what we consider positive interations between users and a particular item.


Items that are new and popular are noted with a . Trending items are simply popular items weighted by recency.

Click Trending in the main menu or footer to see all the currently trending content.

Date & Time

Dates shown with content refer to when the content was published at its source. When you scroll down a page, be it the main list, or an author or category page, content is displayed in reverse-chronological order, just as it is at the originating site.

Content which is less than one month old is displayed with a relative date such as "4 hrs ago" or "2 days ago." If an item is displaying a relative date, you can click the date at any time to show the actual date and time. "4 hrs ago" becomes "1:25 pm" (if it's from the current day) "2 days ago" becomes "Jul 2, 2:11 pm" and so on.


All navigation can be found in one easy-to-use full-page menu. Click the menu button ( ) in the top left corner of any page. Drill down () on main categories in the left-hand column to find specific sources.

Find trending, stats, standings, schedule, roster, player pages, and more on the right.

Blog Tracker

We really love blogs. We actually crawl every Toronto-team-specific blog that we have found to date.

The Blue Jays Blog Tracker has tracked well over 100 blogs since it's inception. At any given time there can be 50+ active Blue Jays blogs. This is an excellent place to find some blogs that may not be on your radar, yet.

Find the Blog Tracker for each team in the main menu, navigation bar, or footer.