Top Authors

Our Top Authors section is author rankings based on the popularity of their content at each AggrTO site. This is a terrific way to discover new and interesting writers.

AggrTO users are constantly clicking, liking and sharing the most interesting Toronto sports content. We provide popularity rankings based on total activity (week/month), average activity (week/month), as well at aggregate lists by greatest number of articles all-time, or alphabetically.


Our "Popular" rankings track which authors are the most popular at each AggrTO site over the past week or month. The Pop (Total) list is obviously biased toward the most prolific writers, while the Pop (Avg) list will show some great content from writers that don't necessarily write that often about Toronto.


Our "All-Time" lists present authors in descending order or articles written, or alphabetically. You can quite easily check out which writers have created the most content over the entire span of each AggrTO site.

Note: Content with more than one author may not be represented in the totals or averages on this list. Multi-sourced content is, however, available on each attributed author's page.