AggrTO Help

Questions & Answers about the AggrTO suite of sites

Which RSS Feeds do you provide?

We provide a feed of the Top 10 Trending items at each AggrTO site.

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Why don't you have a site for every team?

The main reason is that for each and every source we monitor, we design a very specific and detailed schema.

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Will you add my blog?

We might! We're always looking for quality Toronto sports content, but we like to take it slow, and keep a balance. We'll consider adding a blog if it has:

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Why does the item say Unknown for the author even though the story has an author?

There can be a few reasons for this. The sources being monitored by AggrTO vary greatly. Many do not contain author information. If we cannot confirm the author, but we know the content is relevant and unique (through other factors), the item is added with an author of Unknown.

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