Main List & Curation

The main list on the front page, AKA Our Curated List, is designed to provide a good sense of what's currently going on with the team just by scrolling down a single page. We really want the front page to be a good mix of local coverage (Toronto newspapers, Sportsnet/TSN, other beat-writers), columns, blog posts, rumours, reactions, and updates.

In order to show you a good mix from a variety of sources (Sportsnet, Toronto Star, ESPN etc.), and types of sources (newspapers, blogs, national media, podcasts etc.), while providing a one-page snapshot, we limit/filter certain content on the main list only.

All content is available on all category, author, search etc. pages.


We want to track and integrate all the best content out there. Sometimes that means, for instance, having a disproportionate number of blogs, or adding posts about promotions for a minor league team, or adding 10 individual post-game interviews at the same time. Curation allows us to follow the content wherever it takes us, while still providing what is at the core of the Aggregator sites, an easy-to-digest quality list of links covering your Toronto sports teams.

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some circumstances in which an item might be held off the main list:

Our crawler was unable to find an author

We're less confident in an item's quality when we don't find attribution. There are times when, despite not having an author, our crawler feels confident that an item should be added to the site (enough other criteria are met), but does not feel confident enough to add it to the main list.

Link Dumps

Link Dump is the generic term for a post that lists links, typically revolving around a single subject or theme, with brief descriptions and/or recommendations. The Aggregator sites themselves fulfil the function of a Link Dump, more or less, which make them somewhat redundant. We LOVE them, but having a list of links with a link to a list of links? We think the real estate can be better put to use.

Game Threads

These tend to be community-based. They're great, but not as necessary for the snapshot. Find them on their respective blog category pages.

Radio & Video

These often come in bunches and would flood the main list. Especially post-game, these can come 5, or even 10 at a time and push other content way down the list. Find them on their respective Radio and Video pages or in their modules on the front page.


As far as blogs go, we want to add as many established team-centric blogs as possible to the Aggregator sites so some are limited in order to keep them proportional to other types of content. Blogs are the most likely source-type to become disproportionate, because there are many great ones, and we love adding them.

Minimal Content

Some items simply contain a very small amount of content. Think 100-word player updates, or a "Top 50" article with indiviual promotional pages published for each item, or slideshows. More often than not, this content is terrific and useful to the users of the respectives sites, but again, we feel other links are more impactful, thus a better use of scarce page space for our users. You can always find this content on each indvidual source or author page.


You can find a reverse-chronological list of EVERYTHING found by our crawlers at each Aggregator site by clicking Everything from the main menu, navigation bar, or footer.