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Our List & Curation

The main list on the front page - Our List - is designed to provide a good sense of what's currently going on with the Jays, Leafs, Raptors, or TFC just by scrolling down a single page. But, our crawlers find so much content that simply displaying everything we find in chronological order would rarely reflect an accurate picture of the current landscape.

Our goal is for the front page to provide a good mix of local media coverage (Toronto newspapers, Sportsnet/TSN, other beat-writers), columns, blog posts, podcasts, rumours, reactions, and updates, along with complementary radio clips and videos.

In order to show you a good mix from a variety of sources (Sportsnet, Toronto Star, ESPN etc.), and types of sources (newspapers, blogs, national media, podcasts etc.), while providing a one-page snapshot, we limit/filter certain content on the front page only.

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Will you add my blog?

We might! We're always looking for quality Toronto sports content, but we like to take it slow, and keep a balance.

We'll consider adding a blog if:

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User Guide

Everything you need to know about using the AggrTO sites (Blue Jays Aggregator, Maple Leafs Aggregator, Raptors Aggregator, and Toronto FC Aggregator) in less than 5 minutes

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About Activity

On the right-hand side of each item, you will see a with a number. This number represents the total number of positive interations between our users and a particular item. Some positive interactions we track include clicks, shares, and likes.

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Top Authors

Our Top Authors section is author rankings based on the popularity of their content at each AggrTO site. This is a terrific way to discover new and interesting writers.

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