AggrTO Help

Questions & Answers about the AggrTO suite of sites

Main List & Curation

The main list on the front page, AKA Our Curated List, is designed to provide a good sense of what's currently going on with the team just by scrolling down a single page. We really want the front page to be a good mix of local coverage (Toronto newspapers, Sportsnet/TSN, other beat-writers), columns, blog posts, rumours, reactions, and updates.

In order to show you a good mix from a variety of sources (Sportsnet, Toronto Star, ESPN etc.), and types of sources (newspapers, blogs, national media, podcasts etc.), while providing a one-page snapshot, we limit/filter certain content on the main list only.

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User Guide

Everything you need to know about using the AggrTO sites (Blue Jays Aggregator, Maple Leafs Aggregator, Raptors Aggregator, and Toronto FC Aggregator) in less than 5 minutes

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Where do you get your statistics and other historical data?

We provide statistics, schedules, standings, and rosters via Sports Reference.

There is no Toronto FC data available at this time, as SR does not have a soccer site at this time. They expect to launch Football Reference (FBRef) in the summer of 2017.

Note that this information is not live. It is updated by SR when they update t...

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Which RSS Feeds do you provide?

We provide a feed of the Top 10 Trending items at each AggrTO site.

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Why don't you have a site for every team?

The main reason is that for each and every source we monitor, we design a very specific and detailed schema.

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